Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Summer Candy

Hi all,

No tags from me today, as today is focusing entirely on using Yupo paper, and I don't have any! Luckily Mr. Amazon is coming to the rescue and will deliver tomorrow, so expect to see today's tags on Sunday!

In the meantime, I thought I'd finally put up the candy that I'd been meaning to for a while now. In said candy, you will find:

  • One £10 voucher to Crafters' Palette  
  • One set of Tim Holtz mini blueprint Christmas stamps (I have a set of these too, and they're brilliant for quick and easy Christmas cards!)
  • One Custom blend distress ink pad
  • One bottle of Starry Night Stickles
  • One Unity stamp (unused, but not in its packaging. I recently won a bag full from Unity, and this was a duplicate)
  • And whatever bits and bobs I find between now and when the linky runs out! lol.

Entering is simple, and open to all followers, old and new, anywhere in the world. But no candy only blogs please!
Just drop your name in the linky. I'd love it if you could share the picture in your sidebar, but no worries if you can't.
And finally, if you feel like sharing, leave a comment below telling me what your latest crafty obsession is. As you've probably been able to tell recently, I'm a little Tag-happy myself... What can't you get enough of right now?

Candy will run for a month, and I'll draw the winner asap after.

Good luck!


Saturday, 20 August 2016

Back to school - Sweet Stampin'

Good morning ladies and germs!

The holidays here are almost over (or already over in Scotland), and it's time for the youngsters to head back to school. It's a biggie this year for my daughter, as she's leaving school and starting college to do her A-Levels. It will mean a whole new level of independence for her, having to get herself out of bed in the mornings, and travel there and back on public transport (her high school was less than 5 minutes walk from our house!). she seems pretty excited, but I think there's a fair amount of worry too, as she still has to nail down the subjects she wants to do (which she has to tell them this Thursday...)

So, all of this ties in nicely with the theme at this week's Sweet Stampin' challenge, which is back to school.

Great minds definitely think alike, because there were FOUR of us on the DT that chose a LOTV stamp from our stash for this theme.
This is my offering:

I used some Grace Taylor papers, and fussy cut a few pencils from one of the sheets to use as embellishments. I added a LOTV sentiment, and there you have it.

i hope you'll go have a looksee at this fella's brothers and sister, as well as the other gorgeous examples waiting for you over on the Sweet Stampin' blog, and why not come and play along?

Have a fantabulous weekend!


Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Hi all,

I do love it when I am inspired, and just so happen to have what I need sitting on my desk!

The inspiration came in the form of the current As you like it challenge, which is to use your favourite flower. It just so happens that I picked up a set of absolutely gorgeous Inkylicious sunflower stamps at the craft fair I was at on Saturday.
As soon as I saw them, they dropped straight into the basket. Sunflowers are my favourite, because they just make me so happy to look at. I love the warm colours, and this trio was such a joy to colour. Sooooo relaxing!

The background was one I already had on my desk too... I was playing about with the distress stain marbling effect a few weeks ago, but this one didn't come out the way I wanted for what I was working on at the time. I did like the background though, so kept it aside, and it just worked perfectly with my sunflowers!

Also, one of these days I'll learn how to put sentiments on straight! lol.

I'm still debating whether to make this a gift tag, or to mount it on a card. I have the feeling it would look pretty cool on a black card base...

I went ahead and added it to a black base. I'm rather pleased with it! I think the contrast really makes it pop.

That's it from me for now, running off to join in with As you like it! :-)

Don't forget to enter my candy! And have a fantabulous day!


Monday, 15 August 2016

A couple more mixed media projects

Evening all,

Well, as you can tell, the mad rush is over. Creative Chemistry 103 was SO MUCH FUN! Here's hoping there will be a 104 some time in the future. I've learned so much doing this class (and the previous two).

But I do have another tag to share. This one features a triple embossed butterfly. If you'd like to know more, you can find out here on the Crafters' palette blog.

These are colours I don't often work with, but I have to admit I love how it came out!

And I have another project to share. This one was a birthday card I made for the most fantabulous Darnell, who I was lucky enough to meet on her recent tour of the UK.

That's it from me for this evening, but I hope to have some more to share soon. In the meantime, don't forget to enter my candy!

Have an awesomesauce day!


Saturday, 6 August 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 - Day 5 and 6

Hi all, I'm back with more Creative Chemistry 103 tags, and all caught up with class now. I've had such a lot of fun, and will keep playing and experimenting with some of these new techniques over the next week or so, so watch this space!

My Yupo was very kindly delivered by Mr. Amazon while I was at work this morning, so I sat down with my alcohol inks today and get caught up with yesterday's homework.

Technique 1 - Alcohol ink stamped resist on Yupo

This one didn't go quite according to plan... The idea was to wipe away the ink to have a white-ish ghost image left behind, but try as I might, I could only get it to partially work. I strongly suspect that the problem was with the stamp. I used one of the LOTV background stamps, and though they are gorgeous, the stamps themselves are very sticky. So most of the ink stayed on the stamp, and the little left on the background dried before I could put my cloth to it.
I think this is one I will try again this next week or so, using a different stamp to see what difference it would make.

Technique 4 - Alcohol ink texture resist on Yupo

This was fun, though in retrospect I'd have used a different embossing folder. The reason I picked this was because it was the only one I have that isn't just a repetitive pattern! lol.

Technique 3 - Alcohol ink faded layers on Yupo

Quite a lot of fun once I finally got a background I was happy with. I think I used up half a bottle of each colour, and got rather lightheaded because of the fumes! lol.

Technique 4 - Alcohol ink painting on Yupo

After a couple of goes with this, and some truly disastrous results, I admit I gave up. I'm not exactly brilliant at water-colouring yet, and this is a few huge leaps ahead of that! One day I may revisit, but in the meantime, this one's not for me.

Technique 5 - Alcohol ink liquid landscapes on Yupo

Creating a landscape was loads of fun, even if I'm not so good at this freehand stuff, lol. The sun was easy, just a single drop onto my sky, and the mountains weren't bad either. I attempted a lake and river, which is where it went somewhat south. But still, loads of fun.

Technique 6 - Alcohol ink splattered floral

This was kinda fun too. made three of them, but the first was the best, I think. Also, the only Yupo Mr. Amazon was able to provide on such short notice was the translucent one, which means my double-sided tape is showing through on the very lightly coloured bits. Bears remembering for the future!

And that was day 5. I must admit, probably my least favourite. I don't think alcohol inks are "my medium", so to speak, I just like to use them to colour things. But that's ok... I have so many others to choose from!

And speaking of favourites. The day 6 homework was to create something using our favourite technique on something other than cardstock.
Naturally I immediately went running back to collage and Distress Crayons, and used a hard canvas board as my base. I love using canvas, as it adds an immediate texture to a project...

And this is what I made:

I may just have to find somewhere to hang this... :-)

That's it from me, now I must go help my daughter pack for her NCS trip!

Have a fantastical weekend everyone!


Black, white and one other - Sweet Stampin'

Morning ladies and gents,

There's a new challenge today at Sweet Stampin', and the theme is Black, white and one other colour.

I decided to go with purple for my colour this time, and made this

The image is a stamp from Inkylicious, and one of my current favourites. The sentiment is a Unity stamp, and I thought it worked well with the image. I also suspect I'll be using it in my art journal one of these days...

I have also recently re-discovered my love for Washi tape, and figured I should probably start using it more, as the lid won't close on the box I keep them in any more, lol.

That's it from me this morning, short and sweet. I'll hopefully be back this evening with more tags. But first I need to go do the work thing!

Have a great day everyone!


Thursday, 4 August 2016

Creative chemistry 103 - Day 4

Evening ladies and gents,

Running a little later with my CC103 offerings today, as I was at work all day and had a late start. Still, I managed all SIX of today's tags. The fact that this was the one I'd been waiting for definitely helped. anyone who has been around my blog since about March probably knows how much I love the new Distress Crayons, and I've been waiting impatiently for more tricks to using them!

I can tell you though, this keeping up with class every day is quite the marathon!

Technique 1 - Distress Crayon smudge

You know how sometimes you're making something and halfway through you think of something that would be so much cooler? That happened today with the first tag. After waiting an absolute age for my texture paste to dry, adding my medium and waiting again, I suddenly thought that a sunburst would be pretty awesome, so went back to square one and waited alllll over again. The end result was so worth all the waiting though!

Technique 2 - Gesso fresco

Yes, I've used this technique before, but it's so much fun, I didn't mind playing along again. I used pretty similar colours as the first tag, with an added hint of purple. Love how it came out.

Technique 3 - Textured resist

And back to grungy for this one! I'm especially happy with the water droplet effect this time.

Technique 4 - Watercolour resist

This was probably the most frustrating one of the day (I'm still pretty rubbish at water colouring), and I really didn't like how it looked until right at the end when it all just came together. I chose lots of coloured splotches because they made me think of sprinkles! (does anywhere outside of the UK do sprinkles on ice cream?)

Technique 5 - Blended background

Super quick and easy to do, but oh so much fun, and such a great result! Can see me using this a LOT for "need a card in a hurry" situations...

Technique 6 - Layered colouring

This was one that I thought right from the get-go was going to be a complete disaster... And you know what? I'm actually a little in awe of how brilliantly it turned out! It's a shame you can't see the crazing effect, because it really adds to the overall look, but either way, I'm very pleased. Not in the least because I managed to blend myself a halfway realistic looking skin colour!

And that's it. Phew! Working again tomorrow, so could be another late-ish one, but so far I'm pleased I've been able to keep up.

And now, to bedfordshire!

See you later folks, have a great one!